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Dot & Line

Dot & Line

Animációk az Animated Spirits Film Festival-on

2015. április 02. - dotandline


A kurátor Orosz Anna Ida:

While they cost a lot of time and effort to makethe most exciting pieces of animation are actually the short films. European animation traditionally has been field of experimentation with graphic stylesthe mixing of media formats and addressing a wide variety of themes and subject matters.

Animated Spirits, presented by the European Union National Institutes for Culture, offers a survey of recent highlight of the genre from all over Europe.

One way to look at animation is to conceptualize it as doing "sport with the techniques and visuals". Accordingly, the selection includes both “hardcore”, handmade films (On the Other Side of the Woods) and also innovative uses of 3D CGI (Chaud Lapin), clever graphical wizardry (Bathsand the witty use of mixed media (Sunny Afternoon).

At the same time, animation is also an exceptional tool in the hands of artists to tell their stories, to delight and captivate the audience. Being able to display a whole array of moods and genres, comic or tragic, absurd or dramatic, these recent award-winning European animations both can call attention to current global issues and engage the viewer with timeless, universal questions of human existence. Among these subject matters areenvironmental degradation (Symphony No. 42), the zones of in distinction inhabited by transnational migrants (Natasha), the everyday struggles of being a single mom (Mythopolis), coming-of-age (Sunstroke, Age of Curious, Nina), loneliness (Leftover) and the transitory nature of human life (Baths). Yet thanks to the exceptionally broad grammar and lexicon of animation, these global issues and universal subject matters can take highly individual and surprising, yet universally intelligible forms, which anyone can easily relate to.

The selection “Get a Life!” presents various people from an adventurous young child (Nina), through a teenage dreamer (Sunstroke) and a self-obsessed man (Teeth), to two competitive elderly ladies (Baths) and mythological creatures (Mythopolis) who encounter a critical juncture in life and try to cope with it.

The selection “Hit the Road!” focuses on the subject matters of (not) being and (not) feeling at home, featuring again a great range of characters such as a bunch of immigrant animals from Russia in the Brussels Zoo (Natasha), an introvert boy daydreaming at school (Absent Minded), a man who has to face his inner fears (Bears on the Road), a young guy from Berlin suffering from insomnia (Roadtrip), and many more.

Have a Life! 

Időpont: Április 8. 19:30
Helyszín: Austrian Cultural Forum
A vetítés után beszélgetés Tom Brown animációs filmrendezővel.

Anna Vasof: Domino (AUT), 2014

Domino from Anna Vasof on Vimeo.

Gerd Gockell: Patch (GER), 2014


Tomek Ducki: Baths (POL), 2013

 Łaźnia - Baths - Trailer 2013 from Tomek Ducki on Vimeo.

Ewa Borysewicz: To Thy Heart (POL), 2013

Do serca Twego / To Thy Heart (trailer) from ewa borysewicz on Vimeo.

Réka Bucsi: Symphony No. 42 (HUN), 2013

Symphony no. 42 - teaser from Reka Bucsi on Vimeo

Thomas Renolder: Sunny Afternoon (AUT), 2013

SUNNY AFTERNOON - Trailer 1 (30 sec) from Thomas Renoldner on Vimeo.

Tom Brown & Daniel Gray: Teeth (UK), 2014

teeth trailer from holbrooks on Vimeo.

Sascha Vernik: Embracing Lovers (AUT), 2014

Embracing Lovers from Sascha Vernik on Vimeo.

Jan Dirk Bouw: I Love Hooligans (NLD), 2013

I love hooligans (trailer) from Joost Jansen on Vimeo.

Tibor Bánóczki & Sarolta Szabó: Leftover (HUN, FRA), 2014

LEFTOVER trailer from Domestic Infelicity on Vimeo

Veronika Obertová & Michaela Čopíková: NINA (SVK), 2014


Hit the Road!

Időpont: Április 9. 19:30
Helyszín: School of Visual Arts
A vetítés után beszélgetés Amid Amidi animációs filmtörténésszel és kritikussal.

Alexandra Hetmerova: Mythopolis (CZE), 2014

Francesco Rosso: Black Seed (EST, ITA), 2014

Luca Tóth: Age of Curious (HUN, UK), 2013

The Age of Curious (trailer) from Fakt 13 Visual Lab on Vimeo

Nadia Meezen: Bears on the Road (NLD), 2014

Xaver Xilophon: Roadtrip (GER), 2014

ROADTRIP Trailer from Xaver Xylophon on Vimeo.

Kijek / Adamski: Shugo Tokumaru / Katachi (POL), 2013

Shugo Tokumaru / Katachi from Kijek / Adamski on Vimeo.

Anu-Laura Tuttelberg: On the Other Side of the Woods (EST), 2014

Teisel pool metsa / On the Other Side of the Woods TRAILER from Anu-Laura Tuttelberg on Vimeo.

Karolina Specht: The Incredibly Elastic Man (POL), 2013

An incredibly elastic man / Nieprawdopodobnie elastyczny czlowiek - fragment from Karolina Specht on Vimeo.

Janis Joy Epping & Diana van Houten: Spell Breaker (NLD), 2012

Isabel Bouttens: Vol au vent (BEL), 2013

Trailer 'Vol au Vent' from Isabel Bouttens on Vimeo.

Eliška Chytková: Ham Story (CZE), 2012

O Šunce / Ham Story/ Trailer... Yippee! from Ela Chytkova on Vimeo.

Roman Klochkov: Natasha (BEL), 2012

Natasha (trailer) from Roman Klochkov on Vimeo.


Forrás: Balassi Intézet

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